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A team of software developers 
with a passion to bring the best in modern software design and analytics to the oil and gas industry. 

Better Data
Depth and speed not previously seen

Enabling industry to uncover 
insights at a
depth and speed 
not previously seen. 

Utilizing cutting-edge 
cloud based computing 

About Eva Software

For 70 years, McDaniel has earned a global reputation for consistent, reliable and independent oil and gas consulting services. 

The McDaniel team of professional engineers and geologists have evaluated assets in nearly every producing basin in the world.  McDaniel third party reserve reports are regarded by investors and financial institutions for their quality, consistency and reliability. 

For the first time, with EVA powered by McDaniel Research, industry now has immediate access to these trusted insights and 1000s of hours of expertise,  right at its fingertips. 

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