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EVA's New Midstream Module is Coming Soon


Who Are We
Effectively manage the complexity of facility data analytics for optimal operational efficiency. 


We're excited to announce the beta testing phase for EVA's Midstream Module, powered by McDaniel Research. Engineered to revolutionize your workflow, our latest technology provides precise analytics, ensuring you make informed decisions faster and more reliably than ever. 


Here's a sneak peek at some of the midstream features

Eva-Midstream-Module-Well to Facility Visualization.png

Unraveling the Well-Facility Flow Network

For any given facility, see the contributing wells and track gas production
flows, including final sales points.

Eva-Midstream-Comprehensive Facility Mapping.png

Comprehensive Facility Mapping

View and organize all facilities on the map by various parameters
such as type, operator, and capacity.


Detailed Volume Plotting

Analyze facility throughputs of gas, liquids, along with the fuel flare, vent and CO2 volumes.

Eva-Midstream-Module-Integrated Data Comparisons.png

Integrated Data Comparisons

Effortlessly compare well and facility data within the same platform 

for informed decision-making.

We're looking for expressions of interest from professionals like you to join us in shaping this groundbreaking product. As a beta tester, you'll have the opportunity to influence its development and secure the best pricing once it launches.


Want to hear a little bit more about what this module can do for you?
Let us know, and we'll fill you in on the exciting details.

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